Shenzhen Optlaser Technologies Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer who's been engaged in the laser indurstry since 2007.

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Shenzhen Optlaser Technologies Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer who’s been engaged in the laser industry since 2007.

We are always committed ourselves to become a high-tech enterprise's technological innovation, complete with independent intellectual property rights.

The company produces a full range of small-power, medium-power and high-power semiconductor diode-based laser show systems, which will definitely meet any needs of any scaled light shows, venues, concerts, water shows, and outdoor applications.

We also provide other laser-relevant products, e.g those projectors for festival decor, as well as related components, and accessories.

To us, the customer's needs are our first priority & customer satisfaction is the bottom line by which we measure our success. Our goals are to provide our customers with exceptional value, qualityproducts & service and most of all, reliability. Reliability nowadays can be a hard thing to find.

Why Optlaser

Professional Systems

We sell many professional lighting systems overseas and have an excellent reputation with our clients

Strong Competitiveness

We offer high quality stage lighting products and competitive prices

Professional Team

We also provide a professional customer service team, sales team and technical support team

Reliable Crews

Our reliable and stable staff know your needs before and after sales.

Our Milestones



Optlaser was established in 2007;Mass-produced lasers in 2008, established laser module industry standards and occupied 70% of the market in China.



Have a full range coverage of power from 30mw to 20w;Launched the stage light series and established a strategic partnership with LW-the largest stage light supplier in Europe;



In 2013, Yongchangsheng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. was established to achieve self-sufficiency in laser modules and laser show systems.In 2014, entered the consumer laser products - Garden laser lights;



In 2016, developed white color laser projectors, and established supply relationships with European and American supermarkets such as CTC, Costco, and Walmart;In 2017, expanding the scale of decorative projectors, and establishing supply relationships with major domestic e-commerce companies;In 2018, established a strategic partnership with SHARP and became the general distributor of SHARP in China;



In 2019, Shenzhen Lasor Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. was established to achieve full coverage of laser stage lights from 3W to 80W; Optlaser began to provide customized lasers according to customer needs, such as bird repellents, laser flashlights, etc.;In 2020, laser driving lights will be developed to further realize the popularization of lasers in civilian use;



In 2021, mass-produce laser light sources for professional engraving equipment, establishing the industry standards, and occupy 70% of the market in China.In 2022, the transformation and refurbishment of the laser show systems, and the highest laser power increased to 180W.

Factory Strength


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